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Welcome to hp_smutfree

There are plenty of fic exchanges for smut. There are even a few for genfic. This comm is for the middle ground - pairing-centric fic that Mrs Figg could read without blushing.

Community Rules

1. If you join and request fic/art, you must agree to write/draw one in exchange. Lurkers are more than welcome, but may not request gifts.

2. All fics/art must be suitable for a general audience – G, PG or PG13 only, please. Het, slash and femslash are all acceptable, as are crossovers.

3. All fics must be at least 500 words; there is no upper limit. No WIPs, please.

4. Fics must be spellchecked and ideally beta read.

5. All fic/artwork should be emailed to hpsmutfree [at] googlemail [dot] com for posting to preserve anonymity. For the same reason, don’t post your gifts elsewhere on the internet until identities have been revealed. Please use the following format when sending your gifts:

For more details, see this post.

6. Sign-ups will remain open until April 21st. Sign-ups are now closed! Fics/art are due by 25th June. Posting will begin on July 1st. If you cannot complete your assignment, please let the mods know asap so that we can assign a pinch hitter.

Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling. All stories and art are produced for fun, and no profit is being made.

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