August 5th, 2006

The Big Reveal

Poll results

The best guesser was lyras, who correctly identified ten people, followed by shiv5468 and foudebassan (by e-mail – she must be allergic to polls or something). All three of you win Ginfic. Shiv's already chosen a pairing; could the other two please leave requests in the comments? (Although Gin refuses to write Lucius or Draco ;))

The most identifiable people were foudebassan and verseblack.

The Oscar acceptance speech

Thank you to shiv5468 for pinch-hitting (twice) and to those who offered their services but weren't needed. gm_weasley was the other pinch-hitter.

Thanks, too, to those who agreed to having their gifts reassigned when people dropped out of the exchange: frozenish, lunafish, paradise_loved, stormiesthaze, zarahjoyce, and especially to rednuck, whose fic was reassigned twice.

And thank you to everyone who wrote/drew, read and reviewed.

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The most popular character by a very long way was Hermione, who appeared in 26 fics. Draco and Snape tied for second place, Harry came third, and Ron, bless him, came fourth. (And if anybody's minds wish to join ours in the gutter, they will be more than welcome.)

Unsurprisingly, the most popular pairings were Snape/Hermione and Draco/Hermione, followed by Ron/Hermione and then Harry/Ginny.

THE END! (for now)
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